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It's been a long time since I've written here and the journey I've been through has been even longer. I wish I had more to say about the human perspective and learning to accept yourself. But the truth is that life is more complicated than just finding yourself. It's more complicated than being happy. It's about finding place and it's hard when you've never known what 'place' is or meant or stood for. Despite moving to California and getting a full time job and putting on my best "adult" act, I still find myself here. I still find myself in varying states of depression though, I'll admit, they aren't as frequent as they used to be. They just get worse when they come around. I suppose that's bound to happen over time when you learn more about yourself and even more about others. Depression is something people don't like to talk about out here. I think a lot of it has to do with not knowing how to deal with those feelings. Theres so much more to do and to focus on when you live in a place like this. People covet their sadness and bury it behind mountains of hobbies and career moves. I just wallow in it and try to make sense of it any way I can. And that is also why I'm incredibly, incredibly lonely. Its not much of a secret though. I've been pretty open about my loneliness but I haven't quite been able to be so open about the heaviness of my thoughts. Ever since Alex died, I've started to think more about dying myself. Its been a long time since Ive had those thoughts. And they scare me. A lot. I dont know who to talk to anymore. My friends either have insidious motives or don't know how to talk to me. I feel stuck. Or something.

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Woo I'm high. Reeeallly high actually.

Got some from one of my bfs friend as a bday gift.

We went out today since my bfs friend is in town so I ate some junk today. :/

Man I hate the initial paranoia this shit gives me. Ah well. California weed is so...damn...good.

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Hey, world.
I'm not dead, just busy.
Got 2 jobs now and I'm trying to stay active in my friend's band and trying to get some academic & social points with the college I go to. To be honest, this is the most busy I've ever been in my life so far but oddly enough- I like it. I'm actually happy for once.

I've been taking more pictures of my outings since I'm always outside now, so I might as well make this a photo journal? Idea? Maybe???

I cannot wait for this summer. ROAD TRIP YES YES YES. I also got a huuuuge tattoo from the tat shop I work at, so I'll have pictures up of that when its done. :) Anyway, I'm rambling and have nothing to write about really.

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Im so nervous about Saturday. Jessie and Josh decided they want me to sing in their music show this weekend and we've only been over the song 3 times. I've never sung in front of more than 5 people in my life so needless to say, I. Am. Terrified.

*sigh* I hope I do alright and my voice doesn't show my anxiety. My voice tends to shake when Im nervous. Maybe I'm over thinking it.

In other news, I gained weight again. It bums me out because I only seem to gain weight in the summer. :/

Shit, I cant even sort out one coherent thought. rigdfjgdkfjgdjkfgklsdj.